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Fancy That: The Eccentric Gift Guide

Fancy That: The Eccentric Gift Guide

Few things are as trifling as a gift guide. In this post-pandemic world of nonstop jaw-dropping news, booming inflation, and hourly crises, I can understand a raised brow at a list of luxury goods. The Lux Cut has always been about aspirational objects from fascinating creators–a moment of pause to admire, discover, and perhaps even poke fun at a price tag. Below you’ll find a selection of beautiful goods that have caught my eye throughout the year. Regardless of your intentions to shop or to just admire, I hope you’ll be as inspired by them as I am.

Francesca Villa, Lucha Libre Rings 

Inspired by her son’s passion for wrestling, jewelry designer Francesca Villa created my favorite baubles of this guide. Francesca told us, “The masks are pieces of art in themselves: a perfect balance between power and weakness, courage and fear.” They’re crafted in 18k gold (white, yellow, and pink), colorful precious stones, diamonds, and enamel.

Parvum Opus, Desk Objects

The Birmingham, Michigan-based artist studio is making some of my favorite objects. Erika Stefanutti creates obelisks, mirrors, and more desk-adorning vessels by hand, which are then wrapped in the most divine hand-marbled paper. Click here to shop.

SESH, Stash Case

Do you like to smoke weed? Do you like to travel? Let me introduce you to SESH. A seriously stylish and useful way to store all of your pot necessities and bud-accouterment. Though the brand hasn’t launched just yet, you can see the color offerings on SESH’s Instagram.

Komi Designs, Big Smile Signet Ring 

Are you seeking a signet ring sans waspy aura? Adorn your pinky finger with this cutie made of 18k gold, sapphires, and a diamond. Purchase the Big Smile Signet Ring with Cheeks by Komi for $3,4000 here.

God’s True Cashmere, Cashmere Shirts

So what or who constitutes that a seemingly normal-looking plaid shirt should cost $2,000+? Brad Pitt is the answer. And his collection of cashmere shirts is anything but normal. Mr. Pitt’s God’s True Cashmere is the pinnacle of understated luxury. Precious stone buttons and ethically sourced Italian cashmere make the shirts feel like something that will last a lifetime. Click here to shop God’s True Cashmere from Just One Eye.

Helle Mardahl, Bon Bon Cake Stand

If you want your consumption of carbs to be a little more *aesthetic*, check out this cake stand by Helle Mardahl. This mouth-blown piece is made in Copenhagen and was inspired by the British tradition of afternoon tea, according to Moda Operandi. Frosted treats or not, this piece will elevate any kitchen counter. $2,590 on Moda Operandi.

Stubbs & Wootton x Lycette, Malachite Needlepoint Slippers

Made to order by Lycette, these needlepoint-covered Stubbs & Wootton slippers can sport your initials or any other three-lettered word you can think of. Though they’re currently marked as sold out on the site, I’d put my name down on the waiting list to snag a pair. They are sold for $240 by Lycette.

The Harmonist, Hypnotizing Fire Perfume

If you do not like strangers approaching you, telling you how good you smell, do not wear this perfume. Hypnotizing Fire by The Harmonist is my favorite scent of all time. I’m struggling even to feature this product so as not to cause a Baccarat Rouge effect of mass consumption / allowing my enemies to know what I smell like. Bulgarian rose, vanilla, and, among other notes, benzoin smoke truly make this the most enchanting scent. You can purchase it for $250 on The Harmonist.

Daniela Villegas, Mantis Emerald, Tsavorite & 18kt Gold Necklace

Daniela Villegas is a revolutionary jewelry designer. Her insect-inspired baubles are the most unique and stunning jewels on the market. Owning something by Villegas ensures you’re so unlikely to run into someone else wearing anything like it. If a giant emerald mantis’ is your thing, check out this $32,276 work of art on MatchesFashion.

La DoubleJ, Print Set of Six Cubi-Print Porcelain Espresso Cups

We’re slightly obsessed with all things La DoubleJ and the brand’s founder, J.J. Martin. Only could Martin take the usually predictable espresso cup, and make it so much fun. For the perfect housewarming gift, or just something nice to serve your friends with, this set of espresso cups is so chic. Pick these up for $555 at MatchesFashion.

BYNACHT, Perfect Nacht Sleeping Oil

BYNACHT is a super luxe brand that focuses on sleep and products that you apply prior to counting sheep, with some incredible benefits. I’m obsessed with the Perfect Nacht Sleeping Oil. It’s a blend of sleep-enhancing oils and scents that relax the mind and just help put you into a calm nighttime space. The best part is you’ll wake up with super hydrated skin and hopefully a well-rested mind. You can purchase the oil for $155 on Saks Fifth Avenue.

See Also

Tom’s Perfect 10, Granola

I bet you didn’t expect to see a bag of granola on this list, did you? Tom Bannister, the founder of the brand, has created my new morning-time addiction with his ever-changing line of granola. You’ll find flavors like Ginger Zing, Pumpkin Cider, and my favorite, Smoky Chocolate. Shop Tom’s Perfect 10 here.

Joanna Czech, The Kit

Celebrity skin dominatrix/esthetician Joanna Czech knows what your face needs. She’s conjured up seven must-haves to fight a bad complexion whilst en route, all tucked into a chic “Heathrow-friendly” bag. If you can’t find yourself on her year+ waitlist for a facial, this is the next best thing. Shop The Kit, $1,300.

Max Mara, Brown Ombrato Mittens

From the maker of the instant classic Teddy Bear Coat, Max Mara has extended their cozy-chic offering to your hands. These camel wool mittens will set you back $245 on MatchesFashion

Transparent, Small Transparent Speaker

Because if looks good, who cares what it sounds like? Luckily this see-through speaker provides for both demands. Made from tempered glass and white aluminum, you can purchase directly from Transparent for $550.

Daniel Arkham x Tiffany & Co., Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock and Bangle

Artist Daniel Arkham has partnered with Tiffany & Co. to create a very limited series of 99 sculptures titled ‘Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock.’ The sculpture is a nod to Tiffany’s heritage, as working padlocks were offered to customers in the 1800s. More than just art, the padlock contains a bangle designed by Arkham– an 18k white gold piece with tsavorites and diamonds. You’ll be able to purchase the sculpture x bangle duo at select Tiffany & Co. stores on December 1st for $59,000.

‘Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock’ by Daniel Arsham Turns for Tiffany & Co.


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