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Fornasetti Astronomici Bianco Scented Candle

Fornasetti Astronomici Bianco Scented Candle

Fornasetti astrology candle

For those who worship Susan Miller and instinctively feel Mercury Retrograde approaching, this Fornasetti astrology candle is for you.

The ‘Astronomici Bianco Scented Candle’ is a woo-woo star-gazer’s dream. The ceramic vessel is adorned with astrological artwork, inspired by Mr. Piero Fornasetti’s plates from the 50’s. It’s not just a looker tho. Once lit, notes of lavender, thyme and cedar wood fill the room.

And of course, the best part is the Fornasetti container you’re left with once the candle is finished burning. Order this candle from Mr. Porter or for a more local retailer, check-in with Lori Karbal.

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