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Behind the Wheel: 2022 Lexus LC 500

Behind the Wheel: 2022 Lexus LC 500

As if owning the tantalizing LC 500 wasn’t uniquely special enough. Now you can work hand in hand with Lexus, through a Bespoke Build Package to really make it personal. Getting things started, Lexus engineers have made some improvements across the board for everyone to enjoy. Tweaking the suspension adds a little more nimbleness to the LC. They also fitted it with 21-inch, 10-spoke forged wheels. It’s at this point that things really get fun. For the first time ever. Like a buffet line for the car crazed with money to spend, Lexus has handed over some creative control to its excited new LC owners.

Through the use of a convenient online tool, Lexus will let you participate in the creation of your new LC, by choosing the style spoiler, a carbon-fiber roof (exclusive to the Bespoke Build) and a plethora of color combinations for the exterior and interior. The Manhattanhenge orange interior color mine came in contrasted beautifully against the black Alcantara seats. It was truly special. Playful and fun, while still communicating an upscale sportiness. In addition to this bold color choice, the Ultra White paint on the outside helped the carbon fiber air wing spoiler and polished roof really pop. Additional carbon fiber is used on the scuff plates, overlaid with different finishes. From polished to matte. When it comes to this rare and rigid material, we are of the opinion that you can never have too much. The LC 500 clearly shares this sentiment.

The Lexus LC 500 has always been a stunner. Now, you can really personalize it to more closely fit your individual style and taste. As exciting development as this first time ever Bespoke option is, it’s still in its very early stages. Don’t expect the 2.8 billion combination options Bentley will allow. Or the insane level of client catering Rolls-Royce will subject itself to. Interior color to match your favorite Birkin Bag? Sure! Childhood tree you used to climb and swing from, whose wood you want used for the wood paneling inside your new Ghost! Why not?

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While Lexus is still a ways off from a Bespoke program like that, this is a welcome first step for the mega-manufacturer. Representing an exciting new option from the sexy sport coupe that already lets you choose between a powerful V8, eco-friendly hybrid or open-air convertible. Now highly customizable for your unique sensory pleasure.

Price as tested: $115,285.00

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