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Behind the Wheel: 2022 Mercedes-Benz S580

Behind the Wheel: 2022 Mercedes-Benz S580

As a rolling embodiment of all of the latest engineering and tech from this historic German brand, the 2022 S580 is packed full of surprises. Powering a super sedan is the first challenge. All of this luxury can really tip the scales after all. Stepping up to the challenge is a 4.0L V8 Biturbo powerhouse. Spooling out 496 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Bolted to a silky smooth 9-Speed automatic transmission. Gear changes melt into each other in a way that’s nearly imperceptible unless you’re paying very close attention. Softening things up, even more is the AIRMATIC Air Suspension. A system that literally soaked up every road imperfection, whether big or small.

If I could isolate a weak point in the 2022 S580, it would be that the exterior design isn’t as flashy or grand as the rest of it. That it doesn’t effectively communicate the extent of the quality, luxury, tech and engineering underneath the restrained sheet metal. Even with this small criticism, don’t be fooled; the S580 isn’t a passive-looking sedan– It has a presence. The exclusive design feels special. Combining style, elegance and grace from the nose to the tail. Its long sleek silhouette communicates confidence. Bold in some respects, reserved in others. Forthcoming but discreet. We would suspect that the typical S-Class owner wouldn’t need the kind of attention that the Lamborghini Urus or Rolls-Royce Phantom would call down on its owner. Sometimes this sophistication goes further, and no two words better describe the 2022 Mercedes-Benz S580.

On the inside though, all design control and creative reservation is tossed out the sound-insulated window. The interior space of the S-class in expansive and welcoming. Clearly where Mercedes-Benz placed the lion’s share of its time and attention. As should be the case in a stretched sedan that can be abundantly enjoyed from any seat. What you’ll immediately notice is that the S-class likes it screens. A lot. It has up to five available if you so choose. This multiscreen, multitouch digital cockpit grows smarter over time. Learning and adapting to you as a user. Adapting to best respond to your inputs, both touch and voice. With up to seven available profiles and over 800 personalized settings, this smart, intuitive system is the very big brain behind the excellent S-Class experience.

As you would expect, the cabin oozes a level of sumptuousness few can mimic. Finely tailored leather, metal, and exotic wood trim wrap around cutting-edge technology. Dancing around it all are ribbons of ambient lighting. In 64 different color combinations that can be selected and sequenced to match your mood. Treating your sense of sound is standard Burmester 3D Surround speakers. With a 4D option that integrates resonators in the seats, for music you don’t just hear but feel as well. Finally, The cabin has aromatic pods that waft deliciously scented fragrances through the air vents.

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Truthfully, each one of your senses is engaged in the best ways possible. Every element of the experience, whether for the driver or passenger, has been carefully considered and agonized over. To deliver the very best S-Class ever produced. Overall, you get the sense that the S- class constantly tries to stay a few steps ahead. All in an effort to keep you safe, comfortable and spoiled rotten. Reserved exterior styling will help you fly under the radar. While every other stitch and detail represents the pinnacle of luxury from a brand thats been at the forefront for generations.

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