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Petite Profile: Ann Carrington

Petite Profile: Ann Carrington

British artist Ann Carrington is a sorceress of sculpture. With more than an ability to upcycle, Ann’s vision to see everyday objects as masterpieces is otherworldly. For example, Carrington looked to a pile of silver spoons, a pewter mug, and a pocket watch, and saw what would become a metal floral arrangement inspired by seventeenth-century Dutch still life. 

‘Weeping Willow’ (Image: Ann Carrington)

Ann studied at Bournville College of Art, Birmingham, and the Royal College of Art and was later called on by the United Nations to raise awareness on human trafficking through her artwork. In 2012, Ann was invited to create and celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as she was commissioned to make the Royal Jubilee banner

‘Weeping Willow’ (Image: Ann Carrington)

In her Galleons and Feathers collection, Carrington created ethereal ships made of pearl necklaces, brooches, and tiaras. On Instagram, the artist spoke on her inspiration for the pearl galleons: “These Galleons were originally inspired by an industrial estate I read about in Zhejiang Province China which manufactures every kind of conceivable pearl adornment in colossal quantities (fake and cultivated pearls). Pearls have a kind of perceived status of being timeless status symbols of refined taste and wealth which doesn’t really tally with the unromantic reality.” 

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