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VILTIER, Magnetic Gold Multi-Stone Bracelet

VILTIER, Magnetic Gold Multi-Stone Bracelet

In what can be the most underwhelming category of baubles, men’s jewelery has a new a new darling brand in VILTIER. This bracelet provokes an old Jabot vibe but remains modern and new with its magnetic component. It can (and should be) yours for $2,600 at Mr. Porter.


Working from an intimate studio in the heart of Paris, Viltier crafts each piece of signature fine jewellery by hand, so no small detail goes overlooked. This ‘Magnetic’ bracelet celebrates the spirit of connection, cast from gold and shaped to the brand’s signature form, inspired by interlocking magnets. It’s set with lapis lazuli, taureau and light-catching diamonds. -Mr. Porter

Image via Mr. Porter

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