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Everything We Love About the 2021 Genesis GV80

Everything We Love About the 2021 Genesis GV80

The new luxury SUV from Genesis hit the scene hard, drawing praise from critics and making major headlines all over the automotive world.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one of our own, discovering first-hand that the GV80 deserves much of the hype it’s been receiving. Here than are a few things we especially love about the 2021 Genesis GV80.

Two Excellent Engines to Choose From

Normally, when you’re left to choose between two engines, one is dramatically better than the other. Making you feel as if you’re settling, just to save a few thousand. Thankfully, that’s not the case with the 2021 Genesis GV80. You can chose between a 2.5L I4 turbo, making 300 hp, or a 3.5L twin turbo V6, delivering 375 hp. Both offer great acceleration, with only a half second difference in the 0-60 between the two. That’s 6.4 seconds and 6.0 seconds flat. The 4-cylinder will even deliver better gas mileage at 22 mpg combined, compared to 20. For power and performance, that’s not much of a difference. What is a big difference though is the price hike opting for the bigger V6 will mean. A lot of extra to pay, though the biggest justification for the splurge may be how throaty and tuned the V6 sounds at high rpms. While the smaller I4 struggles with low-end torque and gets coarse sounding high up in the powerband.

Strong Exterior Styling

A key element of design amongst the Genesis family, are the two strong lines that make up the LED headlights. Along with the large, trapezoidal crest grille. Intentionally modeled after the actual Genesis logo, the GV80 continues this tradition. Incorporating the signature look in a way that’s incredibly luxurious and natural. Moving past the front end, the two-line theme flows over the fender garnishes, which double as turn signals. Finishing at the rear, with two strong lines forming the taillights. Capping off the full 360 degree product are exhaust tips, in the same shape as the front grill. Plenty of chrome trim, optional 22-inch wheels and a shape that captures the extravagance of the Genesis line combine to serve up a sultry SUV that simply doesn’t look like anything else on the road. 

An Interior to Match


Tying the design theme together, many of the same unique elements are found within the rich, lavish interior. The same diamond pattern in the grille appears on the leather upholstery and a few other textured metals. Every inch is agonized over, to ensure top-tier quality throughout. From the excellence of the materials used, all the way down to stitching detail and the beautiful finishes found on the knobs and dials. With metal knurling, and good feedback, nothing in the GV80 feels cheap or rushed. Large, round multimedia controllers give full command of the 14.5-inch multimedia screen. A display that can even become 3D in the top trim level.

A Smooth Ride with Lots of Assists

Big wheels and a tuned suspension aide the GV80 in achieving a remarkably smooth ride. A little on the isolated side, but not so much where you can’t feel the road. Cabin insulation, double-pane windows and other tricks, like technology that actively filters out road noise, keep decibels way down. In general, it’s clear that Hyundai has chosen to lean into high-comfort over sporty and hyper-responsive. 

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To assist in those long driving stretches, is a robust safety suite. This includes automatic braking with pedestrian detection, radar cruise control, highway assist to help you merge with traffic, lane-keeping assist, and a handy chime/graphic to alert you when the car in front has pulled away. Something that will undoubtedly save many from getting honked at as they sit distracted at a red light. What’s more, these systems work smoothly and seamlessly, learning your driving habits as you go, and adapting to best suite your particular style.



In true Genesis fashion, the 2021 GV80 looks and feels way beyond its perfectly approachable price-tag. For the base model, you’ll only be out $49,925.00. What’s even more impressive, is that price includes most of the features we love most. Some cars, between the entry level model and top trim, can feel like a completely different vehicle. The Genesis GV80 is great in any trim. Right from the start. Sure, adding the V6, 22” wheel, a 3D display and other niceties will drive the price way up, but non of these additions are necessary to get the GV80 to a level that feels special. It looks and feels special from the very start, and is poised to draw long, envious stares for the foreseeable future. 

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