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The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Stocked with New Engineering

The 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Stocked with New Engineering

The Rolls-Royce Ghost ushered in an era where owners of the coveted marque wanted more than to just be driven around. They wanted to get behind the wheel on occasion. They wanted the Ghost to be the car in, what I would imagine to be, a vast collection of impressive cars, which they gravitated toward most often. Collectively, owners agreed that Rolls-Royce delivered on this request in almost perfect fashion.

When these same clients were told that Rolls-Royce was on the cusp of developing a new Ghost, they requested more of the same. Make it even more refined, more enjoyable to drive, and their first pick as the transportation companion to their day more than ever. To fulfill this, Rolls-Royce engineers made the difficult choice of throwing out the preexisting Ghost Platform and starting from scratch.

The experts at Goodwood England configured the proprietary space-frame architecture to accommodate important existing elements like all-wheel steering and all-wheel drive. They then adapted the chassis with new and innovative advances to improve the Ghost’s already dynamic nature, all without compromising its signature “magic carpet ride.”

Key to these improvements was the Planar system. It is comprised of three main elements. The first is the result of three long years of development: an upper wishbone damper unit mounted above the front suspension to deliver an extremely stable ride. This technology is a world-first, with results that will prove to be game changing in the luxury market. The second is the Flagbearer system. This technology uses cameras to read the road ahead of you, preparing the suspension for any changes in road conditions. The third is a Satellite Aided Transmission that draws GPS information of approaching corners, steep hills, slow-downs, or whatever else lies ahead. With this data, the transmission is able to preselect the optimal gear for shifts so imperceptibly smooth, you won’t even realize they’re happening.

With big changes like these and more, developed from the ground up, future clients are sure to be impressed with a car that was already deeply impressive. More so than ever, the Ghost is uncomplicated in its versatility, elegance, and grandeur. A car to be used every day, without ever losing that unspoken thing that makes it so special day after day after day—whether you take it out only on special occasions or on a daily basis.

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