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Czech-In to Nest. for a Facial Certified by Celebrity Esthetician Joanna Czech

Czech-In to Nest. for a Facial Certified by Celebrity Esthetician Joanna Czech

Some of the world’s most recognizable faces keep celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech on speed-dial, with clients like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian entrusting their cover-ready complexions to her. But for years, her skin savoir-faire could only be experienced in one of her New York- or Dallas-based studios. Launching her eponymous skincare line in 2021 helped make her expertise more accessible, but nothing compares to the actual experience of a facial from the Polish skincare legend — and I speak from experience.

The next-best thing has arrived in the form of the first-ever Joanna Czech-certified spa. Nest., which is part of the Blackberry Mountain resort, located in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, now offers The Joanna Czech Enhanced LED Facial for $650. Each bespoke, 90-minute facial is tailored to the individual’s needs and performed by an esthetician that was personally trained by Czech, drawing from modalities like deep tissue massage, diamond exfoliation, microcurrent, ultrasound, oxygen infusion, and of course, LED therapy.

Below, Czech tells The Lux Cut about Nest., her love of holistic wellness, and which products are summer must-haves.


The Lux Cut: What is it about Nest. and this destination that made you decide to offer your signature facial here?

Joanna Czech: Teaching is one of my passions, and I absolutely love sharing my skincare philosophy and method with others. The team at Nest. is equally as eager to learn, making the partnership even more exciting. 

When I first visited Nest. I knew it was a perfect place to expand The Joanna Czech Method — everything from their service, to the property itself, was immaculate, and reflected the same quality of my namesake studios. Our philosophies surrounding wellness align perfectly, believing that beautiful skin comes from a healthy lifestyle and a long-term approach (rather than quick fixes). 


TLC: What do you love about their treatment offerings and holistic wellness philosophy?

Czech: Our skin is the body’s largest organ. It regulates temperature and is vital in acting as an immune gatekeeper, protecting our organs. Nest., like myself, agree that if we want to maintain optimal skin health, it is just as important to focus on skincare for our bodies as it is for our faces. I often advise my clients not to take “the streets to their sheets” [and to shower before going to bed] and [to] follow a detailed full-body care routine.

I’m happy to partner with a spa that understands that taking care of yourself from the inside-out is also essential to any wellness routine. 


TLC: I see that Nest. offers forest bathing, chakra balancing, and energy healing on their menu. Would you share a little bit about some of your holistic healing passions?

Czech: I completely believe in the healing energy behind crystals, and I never leave my house without them. I even have my witch and tarot card reader from Sage & Salt, on speed dial.

TLC: Please tell us a bit more about what makes a Joanna Czech Method Facal unique and why you’ve chosen the modalities featured in it.

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Czech: What makes a Joanna Czech Facial special is that each treatment is completely customized based on the client’s skin needs when we meet them that day — no two facials are identical. The same technique, technology, and education I’ve developed over 37 years will be brought to the Joanna Czech Method facials at Nest., with the estheticians all trained directly by me. 

Some of my favorite modalities include deep tissue facial massage, microcurrent (with probes or gloves), ultrasound, and LED light. You’ll absolutely feel relaxed, but the primary purpose of a Joanna Czech facial is to receive a results-driven, customized facial that will leave you empowered, because you’ll learn the best way to care for your skin moving forward.


TLC: What are some of the hero products from your skincare line [that are featured at Nest. and in the facials]?

Czech: The Toner is a staple in many of my clients’ skincare routines. A proper pH-balanced toner is essential, as it sets the foundation and efficacy of the rest of your routine.

With summer around the corner, The Soothing Serum and cream are also perfect for the warmer months. Our soothing serum contains pepper berry extract, an anti-inflammatory ingredient that calms sensitive and irritated skin. Plus, hyaluronic acid increases product absorbency and improves skin elasticity. 

The Cream is incredible year-round to hydrate, balance, and repair the skin’s barrier function, but has an extremely unique benefit during warmer months. A tetrapeptide defense complex prevents both heat and sun-induced hyperpigmentation. While we know about the damage the sun can have on our skin, high temperatures also have negative effects. This product is great for daily use, and I especially recommend my clients use this before [going into] sauna, doing hot yoga, etc.

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