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Meet the $1 Million Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag by Pharrell

Meet the $1 Million Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag by Pharrell

Pharrell Williams has debuted a new Louis Vuitton bag that’s certainly been turning heads. The new creative director of the brand’s men’s collection has launched the “Millionaire Speedy 40”, a shockingly bright gold bag valued at a shockingly high price. As the name implies, the Millionaire Speedy is not designed for anyone less, as it is currently valued at $1,000,000.

Like many Louis Vuitton bags, this bag is made from responsibly sourced crocodile leather, with painstaking care taken to ensure a strict pattern continuity. However, this Speedy sets itself apart from the rest through its high-end details and hardware justifying the high-end cost of the piece.

According to Williams, all of the hardware on the bag is gold. From the rivets to the zipper, this duffle is designed to shine. The bag also comes with a gold chain-linked strap, made to flaunt the glamorous piece, as demonstrated by Williams in the viral video of him showcasing the bag, originally posted by Steven Victor on Instagram.

Image via Darren Spaziani, @dazspaziani.

On Williams’s bag, the classic Louis Vuitton padlock, featured on most of the Speedy bags from the house, is flaunted as a diamond-encrusted gold feature, adding extra some sparkle – and certainly some extra value – to the already dripped-out duffle.

In a press release made by Louis Vuitton regarding the bag, Williams said that he aims to use his luxurious speedy design to “[conjure] the attitude and hustle mentality of Canal Street in an everyday icon conceived for every walk of life.” By the general reaction to the piece, he accomplished this goal and more with his design.

Williams showcased this bag as part of his outfit while attending the Loewes SS24 Paris Fashion Week runway show with his family in late June. As of right now, it’s assumed that the Millionaire bag is the only one of its kind, or reserved exclusively for fashion VIPs.

Image via DLV,

Some of his other designs for the house that are available for the average luxury enjoyer to purchase could be seen in his exclusive LV SS24 showroom and in his June 20 runway show. Most notably, the men’s collection received lauded reviews from critics, praising the direction Williams took with his designs.

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Louis Vuitton just debuted their VIA Treasure Trunk virtual commemorative collection, featuring some of Williams’s pieces, including one of his slightly more accessible speedy bags, as part of their new stint into the digital realm. The Treasure Trunk is available for select customers to purchase for $39,000 and includes both a physical and virtual copy for buyers to enjoy. In an Instagram post the Maison states, “The first exclusive collectible bridges the past with the present and the future, unveiling the secrets of the VIA Treasure Trunk. A seamless voyage at the speed of light.”

The trunk also comes with exclusive virtual keys available for purchase that will “unlock” surprise pieces. One of these keys unlocks Williams Speedy 40, with a physical claim available in January 2024, according to another Instagram post by Louis Vuitton.

With Williams at the helm of the house’s men’s collection, customers should keep an eager eye out for more releases as we head into the new fashion season.

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