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Review: Élixir Exfoliant by French Farmacie

Review: Élixir Exfoliant by French Farmacie

Gone are the days of extensive skincare routines. The new beauty-frontier is about must-have pillars in ones arsenal that are as effective as they are unfussy. Enter French Farmacie and their Élixir Exfoliant.

The Élixir Exfoliant, an exfoliating treatment you apply like a mask for 10 to 30 minutes is the perfect Sunday night beauty ritual. The oil is packed with enzymes, essential fatty acids and AHAs which leaves the skin refreshed and glowy. The product, which retails for $86, comes with a muslin cloth you use to wipe the product off. Ingredients for the product are sustainably sourced and certified organic and/or wildcrafted.

Usually this type of oil-based product wreaks havoc on my skin after a few uses. The Élixir Exfoliant left my combination skin soft and bright. The scent has passive citrus-notes and some earthy undertones. Something you definitely dont mind having on your face for 10 to 30 minutes at a time. In a post Clarisonic-world, this is a glamorous exfoliating-departure from the industrial grout-cleaning tool we thought would be ok to use on our faces.

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French Farmacie currently has only two products, the Exfoliant and Sérum Radiant ( to be used post exfoliating treatment) and I love that. They’ve captured what we love most about the pharmacies of France, a tight curation of top-quality products. The Élixir Exfoliant is a product that will remain for the foreseeable future on my vanity and in my routine.

French Farmacie, Élixir Exfoliant $86. 

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