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Seeing Silver & Gold: The $20k Spectacles by Duffy

Seeing Silver & Gold: The $20k Spectacles by Duffy

You read that correctly. The price tag of these silver and 9k gold glasses by London-based jeweler Duffy is $20,000.

When basic Ray-Bans will not do, these handmade glasses by Duffy are as posh as it gets. Exclusive to Dover Street Market, the glasses took three years to develop and are completely hand-crafted out of silver and gold.

On the designer from Dover Street Market, “Duffy is a London based jeweller. He has been making jewellery for over 18 years and loves the process of making and creates his designs by working directly with materials. His work features hand crafted pieces with engraving as well as semi precious stones such as lapis and bloodstone.”

Duffy Handmade Silver & Gold Spectacles by Dover Street Market.

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