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Sylvie Corbelin, 18k Marijuana Ring

Sylvie Corbelin, 18k Marijuana Ring

The imagery of marijuana in fine jewelry may seem like a more recent trend, but according to the Paris-based jeweler Sylvie Corbelin, the 7-point marijuana leaf has been used since ancient times.

Sylvie is a creative-titan and few can compare to her bauble-genius. Corbelin’s most recent cannabis-inspired creation is a 18K gold ring with diamonds, tsavorites and amethyst. For the glam-stoner or just someone who apprentices fine stones, this ring is on another level.

On her design, Sylvie told The Lux Cut “I have done this ring not only for the aesthetic image of the marijuana (a very unique design), but also for the ancient use by old civilization like Egypt or Greece. The leaves were used to ask the gods to help become wise. The leaf has seven points, which is the number of mastery of spirit over the matter.”

Marijuana Ring by Sylvie Corbelin

More for more information or to request a price, visit Sylvie Corbelin.

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