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Behind the Wheel: 2023 Genesis G90

Behind the Wheel: 2023 Genesis G90


The Genesis line has quickly become a personal favorite. A brand that’s stylish, luxurious and easy to recommend, thanks to its incredible warranty package and reputation for reliability. Impressive as the entire line-up is, nothing will make you swoon quite as much as the 2023 G90 luxury sedan. With its sights set on the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S Class; Genesis has used every posh play and luxurious trick they’ve learned over the years since they first began back in 2015. The end result is truly extraordinary.

From the outside, the new G90 is long and sleek. It drips curb appeal and presence with its signature two-line design headlights, one stacked on top of the other, packed full of LED lights. The enormous, stretched pentagon-shaped grille, like the Superman logo, tight across the Man of Steels swollen pecs. Enormous 21” alloy wheels, in a unique pattern that resembles a snowflake caught on black construction paper and examined under a microscope. Delicate and beautiful. Ending at the tail, which utilizes the same long, horizontal two-line taillights, one on top of the other. While the exterior design undoubtedly exudes luxury, the interior is practically drowning in it.


I spoke with Genesis about the inspiration behind such a uniquely special interior. They shared that the concept is called “Beauty of White Space,” and delivers an experience that’s functional and simple, yet supremely elegant and sophisticated. The entire cabin pulls influences from traditional Korean architecture and design. Every soft, polished, textured surface begs to be explored with your fingertips. Nappa leather adorns the seats. The upper instrument panel is wrapped in cushioned leatherette. Microfiber suede covers the headliner and pillars. Seats are sculpted and supportive while simultaneously being wide and comfortable. All four are stuffed full of heaters, coolers and massagers. Side bolsters stiffen and adjust to keep you in place as you pilot the G90 around tight corners.

One material found in the cabin drew my attention like no other. I’ve been in hundreds and hundreds of luxury vehicles at this point, but had never seen anything quite like this. Upon further investigation, Genesis revealed that this trim material across the doors and dash is a forged carbon. Unlike the woven carbon fiber we see in high-performance sports cars, this forged carbon is created in a process that requires lots of high heat and pressure. Using a mix of short-cut carbon strands and thermosetting resin. The result is a layered material with depth, dimension and a unique, wavy pattern created by the carbon strands that resemble hammer-forged steel.


As if this wasn’t enough, Genesis takes it a big step further by adding a metal inlay pattern inspired by traditional Korean crafting techniques. The inlay pattern mimics the signature Genesis Two Lines design theme seen with the headlights, taillights and side trim pieces on the front fenders. As with any long luxury sedan worth its salt, the best seat in the house needs to be in the back. Here, the 2023 Genesis G90 could teach a master-class. The rear has its own climate zone. Power sunshades on the back and rear windows. Full control over audio and media via a bright touchscreen display. Wide seats with massagers, heaters and ventilators. A mood curator to adjust the lighting. A favorite finding was the button that allowed the lucky occupant in the back behind the passenger seat to recline way back, a footrest extending out to really let you stretch out and relax. The extra legroom made possible when the empty front passenger seat folds and tucks itself in under the dash.

We could drone on about the long list of driving aides and safety features. We could gush over the 3.5L Supercharged V6 that lets loose over 400 hp of silky smooth power. Perfectly dosed out across eight gears, which upshift and downshift without you hardly even noticing. The multi-chamber air suspension delivers a ride that’s soft as a cloud. Windows are double-paned

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and the cabin is so insulated that hardly any road noise can penetrate. Whatever decibels do get in, are further canceled out with the active noise control system. A quite cabin is all the more important considering the G90 comes with an incredibly high-end Bang and Olufsen 3D Premium audio set-up. With crisp highs, full mids and punchy base.

The 2023 Genesis G90 is bold and ambitious. It has to be to go up against the likes of luxury superstars like Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Even being decades behind in the experience department, their best attempt at high luxury is a sweeping success. So much so that it might only require a few minutes behind the wheel to make you a full-blown Korean luxury convert.

Price as tested: $100,370.00

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