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Behind the Wheel: 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70

Behind the Wheel: 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70

The 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70, to get right to the point, is completely brilliant! Maybe I could’ve built a little more suspense, or teased out my overall verdict more slowly. Who likes a tease though. From the very beginning of the world of EV’s, when it was primarily compact cars and sedans, we were all patiently waiting for SUV’s and crossovers to receive the ‘all-electric’ treatment. Thankfully, those days are now upon us, and standing as one of the top EV SUV specimens available, is the brand new for 2023, GV70. Joining the GV60 and G80 electric sedan from Genesis, the GV70 is a welcome addition to the growing EV line-up.

The excellence of the new GV70 should come as no big surprise for anyone following the Genesis brand lately. After all, it features the same elegant styling that’s become synonymous with the Genesis nameplate. Bright and beautiful. With a lightly colored cabin and tons of places for natural light to penetrate through. Soft touch materials can be found throughout. The always entertaining 3D digital gauge cluster is completely unique and the big infotainment screen looks incredible. Dials and knobs are trimmed in shiny knurled metal, offering a heavy, luxurious feel and haptic feedback. There’s plenty of headroom and legroom in the back, with cargo space to spare even.

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Acceleration is punchy to say the least. With wide tires and AWD, 60 mph is only 3.8 seconds away from a complete standstill. This is exotic sports car territory. It achieves this powerful acceleration by using two motors, one at each axle. With this, the EV GV70 makes a combined 483-hp. Compared to the 2022 twin-turbo V6 GV70, which required 4.9 seconds for a 0-60 run, and you can really appreciate how effective having all that power immediately available can be. Who has time to wait for turbos to spool anyways. Not just fast and fun, the GV70 is also light and nimble through the corners. Behaving like a car that’s much smaller in size with a lower ride-height. Quick through the corners, but also incredibly comfortable and quiet. Truly the best of both worlds.

While the GV70 comes close to being perfect, no car is without its faults. Unfortunately, the main criticism that could be leveled against the GV70 is the one that most EV shoppers are paying the closest attention too. The range between charges. Here, the Genesis GV70 falls short. With a driving range of 236-miles, according to the EPA. In actual reality, I consistently saw around 200. One redeeming feature is the onboard fast charger that maxes out at 240kW. This will let you go from 10% to 80% charged at a public station in less than 20 minutes. While some consolation can be found in this fact, cross country road trips will not be ideal in the GV70 with such a short range. Best to stick closer to home. 

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Aside from that, there’s very little that the 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 doesn’t do exceptionally well. It looks, feels and drives way beyond what the price tag would suggest. It’s fast, nimble, comfortable and quiet. Will save you big money by not requiring a drop of gas, and give you the small satisfaction that comes with knowing you’re part of the climate change solution, not problem. In the event that you do venture out, far from home, plan your charging stops wisely. Stretch your legs, answer some emails, play a round or two of Candy Crush, and you’ll be back on the road in complete style in no time.

Starting MSRP: $67,550.00

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