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Cult Skincare Brand Augustinus Bader Launches Serum and Eye Cream

Cult Skincare Brand Augustinus Bader Launches Serum and Eye Cream

You’ve most likely heard of the eponymous luxury skincare brand created by Professor Augustinus Bader, a world-renowned biomedical scientist and expert in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. As one of the beauty world’s first brands to harness the power of epigenetics, its patented active ingredient TFC8® literally impacts the genetic expression of your skin cells, unveiling their healthiest, most luminous state. With their inaugural launch, The Cream, becoming a cult phenomenon, the brand expanded to include cleansers and body care, even collaborating with Victoria Beckham to create the Victoria Beckham by Augustinus Bader collection. Now the award-winning brand has launched two new SKU’s, and it’s time to meet The Serum and The Eye Cream, both powered by the innovative TFC8®.

The Serum by Augustinus Bader.

Serums are the most effective products in our skincare regimens, making this a potent opportunity to the lavish your skin in his coveted formulations, while the eyes possess delicate skin that is one of the first areas to show the signs of age. Star ingredients in The Serum include Vitamin C, sebum-balancing squalane oil, a polysaccharide moisture complex, sodium hyaluronate, anti-bacterial edelweiss, and pomegranate seed concentrate. “These new solutions for persistent skincare challenges are ultimately about a streamlined and highly efficacious approach to beauty,” says Professor Bader.

“Clinical trial results exceeded our expectations,” he continues. After 12 weeks of use, clinical trials conducted by the brand yielded 85% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, 84% reduction in the appearance of fine lines, and an 80% reduction in the appearance of hyperpigmentation — a skincare woe that is notoriously difficult and time-consuming to treat.

The Eye Cream calls upon the brightening antioxidant Vitamin C, hyperpigmentation-fighting Niacinamide, and botanicals such as French Seaweed, Centella Asiatica extract, and Arjun Tree extract for clinical results that are equally — if not more —  compelling. After 12 weeks of use, clinical results indicated a 57% reduction in visible fine lines, 204% improvement in hydration, and 165% improvement in skin firmness. Among users, 99% agreed that the appearance of the eye area was improved with use. Also of note is the brand’s renewed commitment to sustainability, relying upon vegan formulation and using refillable, recyclable packaging.

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The Eye Cream by Augustinus Bader.

One of the brand’s claims is that it enables users to go “foundation-free” — something that can be anecdotally confirmed, and that can be seen firsthand on the red carpet. Most recently, celebrity makeup artist Amber Dreadon created a no-foundation look for the popstar, Lorde, for the 2021 Met Gala. To create the foundation-free, dewy look, Dreadon reached for the Cleansing Gel, Essence, The Cream, and Lip Balm, all from the Augustinus Bader line. “The makeup look is all designed with a refined minimalist approach,” Dreadon says. “Added glow and luminosity to the face using skincare and light touches of illumination.” Ahead of the 2021 Emmy’s, celebrity facialist and Spa-Clinic Specialist for Augustinus Bader, Lord Gavin McLeod-Valentine, prepped the faces of stars like Kathryn Hahn, Sophia Bush, and Allison Janney before their red carpet appearances.

But in spite of the brand’s proven track record on the red carpet, these looks were each created before the launch of The Serum and The Eye Cream. With these tools for healthy, glowing skin in their makeup kits, we can only the imagine the luminous red carpet looks to come. Shop The Serum, $375, and The Eye Cream, $195, on

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