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Brent Neale, Cannabis Leaf Earrings

Brent Neale, Cannabis Leaf Earrings

Brent Neale’s Large Cannabis Leaf Earrings, parted of the brand’s “Potted” collection. 18K Yellow Gold, Carved Malachite, Diamonds, price on request. Brent Neale Winston is the New York-based designer behind the brand. Brent Neale can be found at Hirshleifers in New York, Jaimie Geller Jewelry in California and Etc for online shopping.

In this collection Winston goes deeper in her exploration of horticulture, drawing influence directly from the still life works of the Dutch artists Jan van Huysum & Rachel Rusch, and the Giardinetto style of jewelry that they inspired. In creating her own modern interpretation of a Giardinetto, she weaves the cannabis plant into this traditional style in a nod to the current cultural phenomenon surrounding cannabis, where what was once taboo is suddenly accepted. With a collection that looks to both the past and the future, Winston continues to play with the traditional and modern in her own whimsical way.

The brand on their Potted collection
Brent Neale

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