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Seven Cutting Board You’ll Want to Leave on the Kitchen Counter

Seven Cutting Board You’ll Want to Leave on the Kitchen Counter

The cutting board is a hallmark of cooking aficionados everywhere. It gets pulled out in the kitchen as much as a good chef’s knife which is why many people leave their cutting board to sit out on the counter. A good cutting board allows you to meal prep without marring the surface of your countertop, but the best cutting boards are both functional and stylish. Too many people settle for plain plastic boards that have no character when they could be working on a surface that adds personality to their space. 

Select a cutting board that pairs well with your kitchen theme and that stands out on the countertop. For instance, a marble cutting board would look amazing on top of a butcher’s block island. You can even find cutting boards that match your interests such as a reclaimed wood cutting board to showcase your environmental side. Reclaimed wood creates a particularly dashing display because of its unique variances and warm natural tones. 

The other reason you need a beautiful cutting board is that it can double as a charcuterie board. Stop prepping your food just to arrange it on a pretty platter later, and instead invest in a cutting board that will showcase the bread, cheese, or meat sitting on it. A striking surface such as the Black Round Mod Board will easily enhance the presentation of any charcuterie arrangement you create. The black finish over the reclaimed wood provides a handsome contrast to the enticing bites you place on the board, and if you need to slice some cheese, the food is already on the perfect cutting surface.   

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If you’re in the market for a new cutting board that will catch the eye, then keep reading for a round-up of the best kitchen countertop cutting boards. Each of the cutting boards below is unique and will make a statement in your space.

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