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Lydia Courteille, Ring Topkapi

Lydia Courteille, Ring Topkapi

Ring Topkapi by lydia courteille

Your future looks a little brighter with this fortune teller ring by Lydia Courteille on your finger.

No one does it like Paris-based jeweler Lydia Courteille. She banishes the basic with a more-is-more design approach to her baubles. Simple and understated? We dont know her. This master piece, Ring Topkapi, is made of 49.8 grams of 18k gold, 557 white diamonds, 167 brown diamonds, 176 tsavorites, and among other materials, 15 sapphires.

Lydia Courteille, Ring Topkapi, €48,000

Image via Lydia Courteille

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