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The $6,000 Ferrari Coffee Table Book

The $6,000 Ferrari Coffee Table Book

Ferrari Coffee Table Book

No, it does not transform into an actual Ferrari. But it does come with an engine-inspired display case.

Take an object. Carefully crafted from rich leather, polished metal, and lots of aluminum. Using a color palette that consists mainly of bright red. Made in Italy and costing many thousands of dollars. You would assume we’re talking about an exotic sports car. A Ferrari to be more specific. You’d be close, but instead of a car, its a Ferrari coffee table book about the car brand.

That’s right. The talented people at the Taschen publishing house have designed the perfect gift for that obsessive car enthusiast in your life. Enclosed in a beautiful aluminum case designed like the valve cover of most Ferrari models you’ve drooled over in you life. This is like no other coffee book you’ve seen. Wrapped in rich red leather with a the shining metal horse immediately recognizable as the very symbol of Ferrari right in the middle.

This book contains 514 pages revealing the complete history of this illustrious brand. It’s many victories, struggles, inspiring designs and revolutionary strides in automotive engineering. With over 500 pages of photographs from Ferraris archives and an appendix that reaches back to 1947. As a nod to this date, only 1,947 copies will be printed. Each one signed by Piero Ferrari himself. Exclusive, expensive, beautiful and painstakingly assembled. All in an effort to give you something that’s truly special. Just like a real Ferrari would. 

Taschen, Ferrari Leather Bound-Book, Via Moda Operandi $6,000.00

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